18th Century

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Little is known from the 18th century save for the names of two friars, Fathers McDonnell and St. John who were buried in St. John's cemetery, near Bishop De Burgo's tomb, and Fr. Simon Eustace who died as parish priest of Myshall, Co. Carlow, in January 1783.

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A silver chalice (above), bearing the inscription Ora pro Domino Gasparo Shee qui me fieri fecit. Anno Domini 1726 (Pray for Lord Casper Shee who caused me to be made. The year of Our Lord 1726) is still in regular use in the friary church. And a stone slab, inscribed "This market was built by Buckley Butler, Anno Domini 1732" is set into the south-eastern face of the wall which separates the friary garden and novitiate from Pennefeather Lane. Almost certainly, however, it did not originally belong there.



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